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Take Advantage of Meetings 
Business meetings often present opportunities for individuals to stand out in a positive way, says Susan Butler, author of "Become the CEO of You, Inc." (Paribus Press , 2006). Prepare smart questions for the presenter in advance or take notes while he or she is speaking to help you think of something to ask. Pose your query while standing to grab the attention of everyone in attendance, and if you're not among all peers, be sure to first introduce yourself. The effort will show you're confident and care about the company's well-being, she says. (July 14, 2008)  Career Tip of the Week, The Wall Street Journal 

Women Leaders: Breaking Through by Chris Petersen
For years, women in business have agonized over the prospect of hitting the glass ceiling, the invisible barrier that keeps them from achieving the same levels of success as their male counterparts. It has long been assumed that the reason this glass ceiling exists is because of institutionalized sexism within most companies, a holdover from the days before the equal rights movement. (April 2008)  U.S. Business Review

What do you have in common with a CEO? More than you know. Susan Butler, author of "Become the CEO of You, Inc.," shares how the same strategies used by a CEO to develop a company’s potential can be used to develop your own potential. (March 2008): Georgia Tech Alumni Association Newsletter 

 "Retired corporate executive Susan Bulkeley Butler shares the most important lessons she learned in her 30-year climb up the ladder of success.  She includes the strategies that enabled her to become Accenture's first female partner and ultimately the managing partner of that corporation's office of the CEO.  Butler offers a "make it happen" model derived from her consulting experiences with Fortune 500 companies. And she explains how to set a clear vision for "You, Inc.," build a board of directors, develop a plan to make change happen and navigate the day-to-day journey.”

— Cecil Johnson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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Tricia Fiorio was one of a number of Purdue University's students who were issued a challenge this week -- to write an e-mail listing their goals to be achieved by Sept. 1. (March 2008) Read More @ 

The Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence serves as a catalyst for developing leadership for the 21st century. See Current Events. (March 2008)

"Chronicling Women's History at Purdue: Selections from the Susan Bulkeley Butler Women's Archives," will feature artifacts, documents and photographs. (February 28, 2008): Purdue University News 

Award-winning foodie authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg will be in town March 15 to lead a discussion and tasting at Janos (February 29, 2008): Tucson Citizen Blog 

Noted author, businesswomen, and leader, Susan Bulkeley Butler, will be on campus at Cottey College, Feb.19-20, to serve as a leader-in-residence. (February 14, 2008):  Daily Mail & Herald Tribune - Daily Mail, Nevada, MO

Gov. Mitch Daniels named Susan Butler, one of two women as the newest additions to Purdue's Board of Trustees. (August 2006):

Susan Bulkeley Butler is interviewed by Business Week senior editor Diane Brady on (April 12, 2006): 

Susan Bulkeley Butler's book Become the CEO of You, Inc. is reviewed by Cecil Johnson in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (April 10, 2006):

Susan Butler provides gift to fund the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center of Excellence at Purdue  (October 24, 2004):

Susan Butler is quoted in the article "Purdue Campaign on Upswing" (October 22, 2004):

Susan Butler provides gift to fund the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center of Excellence at Purdue (October 19, 2004):

Susan Butler receives the Krannert Business Leadership Award (October 15, 2004):

Susan Butler speaks to the Women's Leadership Initiative of the United Way of Greater Stark County in Ohio, as reported in the Canton Repository (September 23, 2004): registration required)

Susan Butler is profiled in the Arizona Daily Star (April 4, 2004):

Susan Butler speaks to the American Women's Society of Certified Public Accountants, as mentioned in the Arizona Daily Star:

Susan Butler is quoted on "What We Can Learn from Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice'" in the New Jersey Star-Ledger (March 11, 2004):

Susan Butler featured in the March 2004 issue of Washington Woman:

Susan Butler featured at the March 2004 Women's Leadership Development Conference:

Susan Butler is interviewed for the article "Overcoming Barriers in the Business World: Glass Breakers" in MBA Jungle magazine (December 2003):

Susan Butler endows a Chair at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management:

Susan earns an Honorary Doctorate at Purdue University:

Susan Butler chairs Purdue's President's Council:

Susan Butler's involvement with Accenture's Endowed Chair at Purdue:

Susan Butler receives the Sagamore of the Wabash Award:

Susan Butler addresses USC Business undergrads:

Susan Butler quoted in University Business magazine:

Susan Butler addresses the Athena Foundation's National Conference:





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