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"In her book, Susan demonstrates her commitment to helping aspiring leaders realize their full potential in both their business and personal lives. She is truly an inspiration as a leader and mentor."

 — Joe Forehand, Chairman Accenture

Benjamin Franklin noted that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In her illuminating book, Susan Butler, an accomplished consultant, philanthropist, and mentor spells out some key steps one can take to prepare for and then realize success (professional and personal): first and foremost, realizing that you are the CEO of You, Inc.; creating a Vision for You, Inc.; building an advisory board/team; preparing a plan; navigating along the way; and effectively marketing You, Inc. Not only does Ms. Butler's book provide a cogent framework to prepare for and then realize success, it is also chock full of practical insights drawn from the author's own prolific career and personal accomplishments. Having benefited enormously from Susan's mentoring when I was the dean of the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management and she served as a key member of the College's advisory board, I personally can attest to the quality of her guidance. Readers of her book will be similarly well served by Susan's mentoring. I wholeheartedly recommend making Susan a member of YOUR (You, Inc.) advisory board.

— Mark Zupan,  Dean Simon School of Business, University of Rochester

Susan shares her life lessons, gained along the road to being the first female partner of Andersen Consulting, with all the warmth of a good friend. She shares more than just "instructions" on how to achieve success, but provides you with the tools to determine for yourself how you will determine and create your own unique successes. Each lesson is punctuated with a wide variety of entertaining and enlightening anecdotes from Susan's life or a story from one of the many lives she has touched. This book is just another way for Susan to positively impact more individuals - please let her impact you!

— C. Christopherson, Phoenix, AZ

I just read CEO of You, Inc. while on a flight. There's a lot in this book! The personal stories from Susan and the many contributors bring her advice and lessons alive. Assembled in her 4-step process are practical suggestions around:

  • the value of journaling thoughts and experiences 
  • looking at change as an opportunity 
  • time management
  • effective communication 
  • the power of first impressions 
  • mentoring 
  • financial planning 
  • and there's a great tie-in of marketing yourself and getting performance feedback

The chapter recaps with Lessons provide concrete, step-by-step actions. There are 32 in all and I'm adding one to each day of my calendar for the next 32 days to create a positive planning and action habit.

— Brian Fox





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